Breath Holder Album Cover
Come Pretty Pump Sleep
Repeating Chesterfield
Hyper Thumb
A sculpture from the 'A Wrinkle in the Binky' installation. The base is made of the two white shoes with sand laces that were in the Every Worm Deserves a Mansion video and mutant dew sculpture. The feet are flat on the ground and have sand legs coming out of them that end at the knee. Instead of knees there is a flat layer like a table shape, but the table top is shaped like two feet and covered in sand. There is also an indentation on the top of these flat sand feet that holds a white computer trackpad. The legs have white sweat socks with tin metal diamonds decorating them.
Groinal Crotch Thumb
Bikini install
Patch Table
Sword In the Stone Sculpture
Hammer Strength Sticker
Furniture Training Compilation Cover Version 7
Lost Glove
Ceramic Rake Sculpture
Crazy Perfect Boss
Side Tables Bench Pressing Themselves
Venus in The Heat Show Sticker
Bottom Outing Sculpture
Ceramic Fight Sculpture
Pringles Man Photoshoot