Repeating Chesterfield

---------------- (2018-2021)

Repeating Chesterfield
Repeating.Chesterfield . is a school and a museum dedicated to the study of Visual Synthesis

Oscillations and Synthesizers

Recording of online lecture. Presented by The New Gallery (Jan 17, 2021).

Simple Oscillator Circuit Wiring Drawing
Repeating Chesterfield

Bent Nest

Autobiographical account of Visual Synthesis (presented in the workshop recording) 2021
Comic Page 1 Comic Page 2 Comic Page 2
Printed and distributed by Chris Smith in collaboration with The Liberation Library (Chicago, IL)

Experiments with Oscillation Prone Objects


1. Silicon Carbide Tumbled Shower Hooks (images coming soon)
2. Clipped Happy Birthday System (images coming soon)
3. An interference pattern (evidence that matter can display characteristics of both waves and particles) where the intersections are spacetime warps (when the distance around a circle in spacetime becomes shorter than the distance across it). 25" x 40” x 17”.

Beaded sculpture
Beaded sculpture

Tumbled Rocks erode from squares to circles
Stone Beads are 3D spheres that make 2D lines
Shower Hooks swoop the curtain line as the
Happy Birthday wave also hinges on Happy Birthday Hooks
Eroded Carbiners hooked between lines cause a
tumble on the rocks

*Additional Carabiner Tests*