Pain of Monoga-normativity (WaTeTsLiDeS)

When I was around 20 a married dad that I had met only once, Scott (his real first name), messaged me:


I tried to cock block him, and entertain me, by joking about placentas.


(Defensive Strategy: Placental Cock Blockade)

At the time, I didn't feel too much pain from this interaction because I knew that in words and online I was more powerful than him. It did however make me beleive that all men who couldn’t make eye contact with me were imagining (hate?) fucking me. Teaching me this was Scott’s treason to his kind.

After sharing the messages with our mutual friend Christine, she wrote to me:


A part of me could pity Scott, his abusive relationship with monogamy. Monogamy, his extra-marrital partner in misogyny. Total disaster for everyone in his proximity.

If sexual repression is his pain, is sexual harrassment his theory?

Are these messages Scott’s art?