Pain of Gender

The invisible work of women is quantum identification.

To exist in multiple, parallel identities/realities.

One where a woman's perceived identity does not align with her experienced identity.

"Ladies first" gender dysphoria.

Force gendered and sexed without consent.

Another reality where she is weaker, dumber, emotional, a bitch.

One or more realities where all of these qualities are insults.

One is utopian, another one is like a purse carried by a man or a male nurse, m-utopian.

It is easy to identify as trans-gendered (emancipated from gender) when a woman realizes their assigned identity is used to oppress them.

It is hard for a woman to emancipate their identity when those around them constantly do not acknowledge it.

Women are also forced to acknowledge their misaligned, assigned identities in order to understand and respond to the discrimination that is forced upon them.

Constantly switching between and being reminded of these multiple identities is emotional labor, minority stress, invisible work...